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iDaltu is the one-stop shop for all your ECM needs, offering a comprehensive suite of solutions designed to optimize your document management from start to finish. Leveraging our expertise and industry-leading technology, we empower organizations to achieve:

"Enhanced Document Security: Ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of your critical documents with our robust security solutions."

"Streamlined Document Ingestion: iDaltu helps you automate document capture processes, improve data extraction accuracy, and ensure seamless integration with existing systems."

"Optimized Document Storage: Manage your document storage efficiently with intelligent classification and automated workflows to minimize storage costs and maximize accessibility"

"Powerful Document Search: Find the information you need quickly and easily with our advanced search functionalities that allow for precise filtering and retrieval."

About iDaltu

iDaltu empowers businesses with advanced Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions using all the top ECM vendors in the market, including OpenText, Hyland, Laserfiche, Veeva, CARA, Doxis, etc. Our team of 50+ experts, primarily located in the UK with a presence in Chennai, India, boasts an average of 12+ years of industry experience. We specialize in serving the Life Sciences and Public Sector, offering a deep understanding of regulatory and compliance needs.

At iDaltu, we also provide document management solutions for Office 365, SharePoint and PEGA users using widget-based accelerators, catering to significant document repositories. iDaltu offers ongoing support, managed services, and exploration of innovative technologies (AI, ML) to ensure your content landscape is always at its most valuable, with automatic document categorization and content summarization capabilities.

IDaltu's enterprise content management services enhance security and organization, automate document capture, improve data extraction accuracy, and intelligently classify documents

Secure Capture

Find information quickly with advanced search functionalities and enable secure and collaborative document viewing and editing anywhere.

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